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Programs Offered

Interested in programs? 

Social Skills for Kids offers a variety of support options to meet the needs in your family.  

Please review each option and contact Sara Kraft for further questions and to register your child. 


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Elementary Social Skills Groups (K-5th Grade)

Social skills groups are for elementary aged students who need help developing social and emotional skills. These groups utilize fun interactive games, short Power Point presentations, role plays/scenarios and supplemental materials to maintain attention and focus while learning.  These groups will cover a wide range of necessary social emotional skills such as: fundamentals of social connection, making & keeping friends, expressing feelings appropriately, building self confidence, problem solving/resolving conflicts, self-control/self regulation and stress management/coping skills.  All children could benefit from these skills which are necessary for social development. 




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Middle School Groups (6th-8th Grade)

The challenges of a middle school student reach beyond academics and a G.P.A.  Students struggle with fitting in with peers, stress of family relationships, and navigating in a small community, filled with judgment and drama. Middle School Groups focus on increasing self-understanding, acceptance of self/others, making good choices and developing healthy relationships. We use a variety of activities — drama exercises, group games, scenario discussions, and other creative approaches to maintain interest and develop connections within the workshops.  Students will have a better understanding and acceptance of social situations, in addition to learning essential skills to navigate these challenging years. 

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Parent Workshops

Parent Workshops are another vehicle for parents to engage in their child’s learning journey. Parenting workshops will empower parents to connect with their children, strengthen their relationship, and build self-esteem in the parent and child. Parenting workshops aren’t just for young or inexperienced parents; they’re for everyone who wants to be a better parent. Parents will learn therapeutic skills to help their child express themselves and reach their emotional and behavioral potentials.  These workshops will cover a wide range of popular parenting topics such as raising a confident child, attitude of gratitude, sibling rivalry, coping with challenges, positive discipline, and promoting social-emotional competence to avoid bullying. They promise to give you strategies that you can apply in your everyday life, help you meet other parents in the same boat and increase your confidence in your own parenting ability.



Child & Parent Support
​“My child is struggling”, many parents say helplessly. Kids struggle with their work at school, with their teachers’ expectations, with their friends and social skills, with their behavior and attitude, with authority, with their siblings and sometimes, even with their parents.  If only there were manuals to raise each of our children because each one is different in their social, emotional and behavioral needs. This support will focus on developing a strong, deeply committed relationship between parent and child based on communication and mutual respect.  
  • Parent support will focus on parents learning to understand themselves and establish good relationships with their children.

  • Child support we target your child's individual needs and overall well being as well as give parents the tools to support their child.

  • Working with both parents and the child, will allow you to help your child long after they finish their support sessions.


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**Programs offered are geared towards students in general education with average intelligence and language skills. Students with ADD/ADHD, high functioning Autism, learning difficulties, anxiety and depression will benefit from these programs.**


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