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I believe....

We have brought these children in the world and it is our responsibility to help them be the best they can be. 

Social skills development is a life long process and is a crucial part of success in life.


We use social skills every day with everything we do.


Whether we are interacting with others or doing an independent task, it requires social skills.  


Healthy social skills allow us to get our needs met, develop connections with others, improve our daily disposition and achieve success.


Social skills are not something we are born with.


We learn positive social interactions through the skills taught to us by parents and teachers by others modeling the behavior and trial/error.


Being around others with similar concerns helps to build friendships, support systems, and reassurances to overcome difficulties. 

Social skills groups help kids learn and model good social behaviors.

Developing healthy social skills is a team approach. 


Social skills are essential to navigate the world around us.


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Happy Young Girls
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