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Elementary Social Skills Groups

Elementary Groups for Grades 1st-5th


Group 1 - AGES 6-7 or Grades 1  

Time:  12:00 (Sunday) 

Group 2 - AGES 7-9 or Grades 2-3

Time: 1:00 & 2:00(Sunday)

Group 3AGES 9-11 or Grades 4-5

Time: ​3:00 & 4:00 pm (Sunday)

Dates for 2024/25 School Year - (see below)

Each Session = 4 weeks (1 day per week)

Length = 45-50 minutes

Maximum of 6 children per group with a facilitator


Location: TBD (new location)

West Bloomfield, MI 


Cost:  $250 for the 4 week session

Paid in Full prior to start of session

No Refunds for absences

(If absent, parents will continue to receive summaries of group discussion and strategies) 

 A weekly overview of each lesson will be shared virtually with parents.  This will support reinforcement of the session at home.


Social skills groups are ongoing with each skill building on the next. Currently enrolled children will have priority for subsequent sessions.  New children are welcome if space is available. 

Session 1:  Fundamentals of Social Connection
Dates on Sunday:
Oct 6, 13, 20, 27 
(4 weeks per session)


Nonverbal Skills (personal space, body language & eye contact); Hidden Rules; Smart Guesses; Expected & Unexpected Behavior;    Communication Skills (whole body listening, following directions, manners); Conversational Skills (introduce self, ask questions, responding appropriately)

Session 2: Expressing Feelings
Dates on Sunday: 
Nov 3, 10, 17, 24 
(4 weeks per session)

Beautiful Young Girl

Identify Emotions in Self/Others (facial expression, tone of voice, body language); Empathy (understanding & expressing);  Manage Emotions: Self Monitor & Self Regulation; Identify reaction buttons; Identify situations can and can't control;  Explore difference between flexible vs rigid thinking.  Learn techniques to release feelings safely; 

Session 3:  Building
Self-Esteem & Confidence
Dates on Sunday: 
Dec 8, 15 & Jan 12, 19 
(4 weeks per session)

Girl climbing rope

Acceptance of strengths and difficulties; Attitude toward self/others/situations; Empowering Strategies (ie. Positive Self Talk (PST), Mistakes=Learning);  Growth Mindset; Assertiveness Skills; Self-Care (hygiene)

Session 4:  Developing Friendship Skills
Dates on Sunday:
Jan 26 & Feb 2, 9, 23 
(4 weeks per session)

Multi-ethnic Group of Friends

Understand the Rules of Friendship; C's of friendship:  Common Interest, Compromise, Communication, Care/Compassion for Others, Collaborate, Giving & Receiving Compliments;  Tattling vs. Telling;

Session 5:  Managing Stress
Dates on Sunday:
March 2, 9, 16 & April 6
(4 weeks per session)


 Learn What Stress is and the Signs of Stress;  Identify Stressors, Stress Level & Physical Symptoms; Benefits & Negative Effects of Stress; Understand the importance of Keeping an Open Mind; Learn Tools to Manage Stress -Coping Strategies & Relaxation Techniques; Self Care 

Session 6:  Problem Solving & Bullying 
Dates on Sunday: 
 April 27 & May 4, 11, 18
(4 weeks per session)

Looking out the Window

Learn Problem Solving Steps; Identify Size of the Problem; Develop Problem Solving Strategies & Practice Scenarios; Self-Regulation Skills; Communication -Assertiveness Skills; Sportsmanship; Bullying: Difference between bullying and a conflict. What you can do when someone bullies you;  Ways to prevent being bullied; 

Session 7:  TBD


No Summer Groups -2024

Session 8: TBD


Register TODAY for Groups- Fall 2024  

(Placed on waiting list)

Elementary Social Skill Groups

(Each Session = 4 weeks)

Click box above for details on registering. 

**Interested in enrolling?  REGISTER & complete the google form 

Social Skills for Kids will keep your registration information on their waiting list until official registration opens in August.  We will then email you and request a day/time for us to chat about your child's needs. 


**Programs offered are geared towards students in general education with average intelligence and language skills. Students with ADD/ADHD, high functioning Autism, 2e or twice exceptional challenges, non-verbal learning disorder, learning difficulties, anxiety and depression will benefit from these programs.**

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