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Programs Offered

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Elementary Social Skills Groups (1st-5th Grade)

Social skills groups are for elementary aged students who need help developing social and emotional skills. These groups utilize fun interactive games, short Power Point presentations, role plays/scenarios and supplemental materials to maintain attention and focus while learning.  These groups will cover a wide range of necessary social emotional skills such as: fundamentals of social connection, making & keeping friends, expressing feelings appropriately, building self confidence, problem solving/resolving conflicts, self-control/self regulation and stress management/coping skills.  All children could benefit from these skills which are necessary for social development. 




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Middle School Groups (6th-8th Grade)

The challenges of a middle school student reach beyond academics and a G.P.A.  Students struggle with fitting in with peers, stress of family relationships, and navigating in a small community, filled with judgment and drama. Middle School Groups focus on increasing self-understanding, acceptance of self/others, making good choices and developing healthy relationships. We use a variety of activities — drama exercises, group games, scenario discussions, and other creative approaches to maintain interest and develop connections within the workshops.  Students will have a better understanding and acceptance of social situations, in addition to learning essential skills to navigate these challenging years. 

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High School "Social" Groups (9th-12th Grade)

Social Groups are for adolescents (ages 14-18 high school) to connect with their peers and create friendships. We provide a safe, compassionate atmosphere for 6-8 like-minded adolescents to meet, interact and connect with each other.  The social group meets for 6 consecutive weeks which allows for adolescents to truly get to know each other.  Social Groups are activity-based, semi-structured opportunities which will empower your adolescent to be a leader, team player and friend.  These groups are designed to develop connection with their peers while learning and reinforcing social skills. These positive social interactions will boost their self-confidence and self-esteem.



**Programs offered are geared towards students in general education with average intelligence and language skills. Students with ADD/ADHD, high functioning Autism, 2e or twice exceptional challenges, non-verbal learning disorder, learning difficulties, anxiety and depression will benefit from these programs.**


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